Fabulous Five Metabolism Cards

Fabulous Five Metabolism Cards

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Card 1: Metabolism Disruptors (Food & Cosmetics)
All 57 food disruptors to avoid, plus the disruptors hiding in beauty products! This card is a MUST have!

Card 2: Sneaky Sugars & Easy Sugar Swaps
Foods companies hide sugar under 68 different names! Once you identify them you can cut them out and eat more natural sugar

Card 3: Metabolism Boosting Food List
Which foods boost your metabolism? This card will show you EXACTLY which foods are best!

Card 4: Clean 15 & The Dirty Dozen
The top 15 foods that are a waste of money to buy organic... And the top 12 foods which contain the most pesticides (disruptors!)

Card 5: Eating Out Restaurant Guide
See specific restaurants and EXACTLY what to order to boost and protect your metabolism! This is our most popular card!