About Us

Legendary Lady Labs was born out of the need for clean, disruptor-free products that were formulated for women and their unique hormonal needs. 

It all started when Kalli wanted to find a good company to recommend to her millions of followers, but was coming up empty-handed. So instead of compromising on her and her clients health using sub-par products, she helped create Legendary Lady Labs. 

Kalli said this when asked about why she started this company, "I wanted products that not only I would want to use, but that I could also recommend to my own mother. And there just wasn't any company doing it right. So instead of waiting for one to come around, I decided to start one. And with the help of world class formulators and medical professionals, we've created some of the best products around the globe. We scour the globe finding only the best ingredients and suppliers. Then we test relentlessly until we get it right. It's a lot of work and time but knowing that I'm using and recommending the best products for my clients helps me sleep at night."